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July 26, 2014 12:40 am

Mayo and yogurt in one show poor jimmy

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"You want some crack with that?"

Steve Higgins, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. July 25th, 2014. (via fallonordie)

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Look at that child jumping around the stage

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Jimmy believes in love at first sight. I’m crying. I can’t. This show is too much.

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Jimmy literally came online to ask 13 million people if they wanted crack

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12:33 am

fun fact


I was at the taping for the Friday show and Jimmy almost threw up during the skit. Right before he said “I went to go shave” he actually spent about 30 seconds facing the wall in the corner trying not to get sick!

The audience had no idea until after we went to “commercial” and Jon Hamm said “guys he literally almost got sick back there”

Props to Jimmy for pushing through! The skit was hilarious to watch and the whole show was a golden one.

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12:32 am

Jimmy would have had a fit!


Jimmy would have had a fit!

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Jimmy and Jon Hamm reminisce about their ’80s TV Show, 'Palisades Park Pet Patrol'. Things got a little messy!  

Here is Part 2! 

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12:32 am

Jimmy Fallon realizes that his aging is being documented on television every single day for the rest of his life (x)

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12:31 am

Jimmy running from mayo best part of the show

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